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Class is in Session - Floaty for Hero 4 Session

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Class is in Session - Floaty for Hero 4 Session

Clint Taylor

As with all of my GoPro cameras, I try to take care of them the best I can and prevent any damage. One of the number one things I can do since I am around water all the time is to make sure that they aren't going to sink. With the Hero 4 Session, there isn't a conventional 'floaty back door' like all of the other GoPros, but more so a floaty that surrounds the entire Hero 4 Session. This is awesome because whether intentional or not, the Session now also has extremely good impact resistance. I did not buy the floaty so that my Session would be protected from falls though, but more so from the water. The impact resistance is just a really nice added benefit of the floaty.

GoPro Session Floaty

There really isn't much about the design aspect of the floaty excpet that it allows you to maintain full function of the camera and utilize it as if it weren't on the Session. The foam that is used for the Session floaty seems a lot more stiff than that of the foam for the floaty back doors, such as the one on my Hero 4 Silver. It is also somewhat difficult to get the floaty on the Hero 4 Session, but this almost necessary as you do not want it coming off accidentally. I am a little concerned about the repetitive action of taking the floaty on and off of my Session for different applications due to some narrow sections of foam that seem like they could wear fast. Because of this, I plan on leaving the floaty on the Session as much as I can or off for as long as I can to minimize the stress from putting on or taking off the floaty.

The other factor that really is a concern to the Session in particular is the amount of extra space the floaty takes up. The Session is the smallest camera that GoPro makes, so throwing a bulky floating device onto it may seem a little contradictory. However, the floaty for the Session is quite streamlined and doesn't add a significant amount of bulk. I would say it is right around the size of a Hero 4 without a floaty back door. The floaty for the Session only increases size horizontally, whereas the floaty back doors increase the size of the cameras depth. This is good and bad, but I think if you are around water this isn't a huge concern for you.

All this said, I am very happy with the design of the floaty for the Hero 4 Session and can safely say I have tested a few times out on the water and it is officially Texas Kayak Fisher approved. I can't really stress how important it is to buy a floaty for you Session or any of the GoPros that you may have if you are around water. It is the absolute best way to protect yourself from losing a camera due to sinking. At right around $19.99 on the market, this isn't much to protect a $200 camera. You can get the floaty at many different locations, such as Walmart, Best Buy, your local camera store, or simply off of Be sure to check back soon for the next class that will be in session.