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Photo of the Week

Sometimes the most enjoyable part of kayak fishing is the reward you get for not turning back when the going gets tough. You will have to make your way upstream instead of downstream sometimes and this is a lot of hard work. You are constantly battling rushing water and trying to find a good spot to step through all of the rocks in the river, but in the end the work is well worth it. It is kind of like life - it may not be easy and it may seem like you are constantly trying to go upstream. However, if you live your life for God, all of your hard work to represent Him will unmeasurably surpass such a short time of hard work in return for eternity in Heaven.

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GoPro Smart Remote

GoPro Smart remote walkthrough video

GoPro has a great line of products to help you make some awesome videos. The smart remote is no exception, as it can drastically aid in ease for making a film.

Class is In Session - Hero 4 session floaty

I try to take care of all my gear and my GoPros are certainly no exception. The Hero 4 Session is an awesome camera, but if you want to make it even more capable and protected, try throwing on a floaty to keep it safe around the water

Class is In Session - Introduction to the Hero 4 Session

No doubt GoPro has paved the way for consumers to easily capture footage. How to get great footage can be a little tricky though. With the recently released GoPro Hero Session, it has become even easier to catch awesome footage.

Devils River - the passion of fishing