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Photo of the Week

There is a lot of different aspects to catching some fish. One of them can be seeing them. My Smith Optics Redmond work great at cutting out glare and helping me to see into the water. I couldn't have caught this four pound bass if it weren't for my Smith Optics Redmond. To find out more about the Smith Optics Redmond, please click here

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Texas Kayak Fisher and

Along with fishing and kayak fishing, one of my other passions is my Toyota 4Runner. My 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner helps me to get from spot to spot, including those hard to get to fishing locations which require an off road vehicle like the 4Runner. helps to inform others with information on modifications, how-to articles, tips for off-roading, and everything related to your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. 

Please check out all that has to offer, including articles published by myself and my knowledge of the Toyota 4Runner.

How to mount your kayak or sup

Kayak fishing can be a lot of fun, but the tricky aspect can be transporting my kayak or paddleboard to the water’s edge. This isn’t as hard as it might seem to some of you though. There are many different ways to transport kayaks, paddleboards, and canoe’s, but for the sake of this article, I will be focusing on a cost-effective yet safe and reliable way.

Diode dynamics SL1

There are many different upgrades you can do to a 4Runner. One of my favorite upgrades to do is exterior lighting. Lighting can add to both your vehicles aesthetic appearance as well as lighting performance. The Diode Dynamics SL1 are a great option to improve your 4Runner's exterior lighting.

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