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Sharp and Sleek - The Kershaw Leek

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Sharp and Sleek - The Kershaw Leek

Clint Taylor

Kershaw Leek

Having a good knife is a crucial piece of equipment for me. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as cutting ropes and line, opening packages, cutting fruit, and many other capabilities. There is a plethora of options on the market, and each knife is designed for something more than just simply cutting an object. For me, the ideal knife for the water is also a knife that I can carry with me every day; an EDC. The Kershaw Leek is just this. At only three ounces with a three inch blade length, the Leek is an ideal size and weight - not too big, but big enough for a variety of tasks. There are a few things about the leek that really stand out to me, so lets go ahead and discuss some of the features a little further.

Design Quality

The overall build, style, and quality is extremely good for the cost of the blade, at right around the mid fifty dollar range. Very tight tolerances combined with exceptional craftsmanship make the leek both very functionally, but also aesthetically pleasing as an everyday knife. One of the great aspects of the Leek is the huge amount of variety that can be found from just this one model. There is many different colors to choose from along with different blade styles. I have personally chosen the Leek BlackWash, which has the look of more natural stone with the same great 14C28N blade material. The 14C28N blade is quite good, with the ability to keep an edge for quite a long period of time while still maintaining great durability and weight. Every single aspect of quality on the Leek is very high in my opinion and definitely sets the Leek off to a good start for a first impression. 


A good looking knife is not much good if it isn't functional. For the Leek, this is not the case, as the Leek is both a good looking knife with very good capabilities. Out of all the knifes I have every owned, the Leek is by far the sharpest straight out of the box, with a near razor finish... and I literally mean razor. Something unique about the Leek is the extremely fine tip that allows for very easy penetration into an object. I do want to caution you that it is extremely easy to cut yourself on both the blade and the tip, so do not mess around too much with feeling how sharp the blade is.

Kershaw Leek Blade

One of the primary reasons I got a Kershaw Leek was because of the SpeedSafe technology incorporated with a thumb stud and a flipper. I prefer to use the flipper method, but both the thumb stud and the flipper work very well in the assisted opening system. The system works off of a torsion spring in which a very tiny amount of inertia movement in conjunction with a certain blade angle allow the blade to be propelled open. It is extremely fast and a very effective method of opening the blade. With the option of having the belt clip with the blade tip up or down, you can customize the Leek to suit your carry style.

Last Words

The Kershaw is a very efficient and functional knife that incorporates precision engineering with visual aesthetics. I believe that the Leek is extremely well priced for such an elite blade and design. If you are in the market for a new knife that can fill the role of an everyday carry, the Leek is definitely a great choice. Check out all the different options of the Kershaw Leek at

Kershaw Leek