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My name is Clint Taylor, owner and founder of Texas Kayak Fisher. My passion to fish has always been strong ever since I got started fishing as a little boy. I started out fishing local creeks and ponds in my neighborhood when I was in elementary school. It didn't take much for me to put my line in the water, as the smallest bodies of water seemed to hold bass and panfish. It didn't matter how big the fish were, I was more than happy to catch anything. I can remember me and my dad exploring some creeks where we would be nearly swimming across to the other side of the bank just so we could explore the stream a little more. The one lure that contributed to my success more than any other lure was a Worden's Rooster Tail - in Fire Tiger. To this day I still use this lure, and with great success. Fishing these creeks and ponds when I was younger are definitely some of my favorite memories and I hope to go back to some of these locations just so that I can have the opportunity to fish where my journey began. 

Clint Taylor on the South Llano River in with his Jackson Kayak Big Tuna

When I reached my freshman year of high school I was still fishing local creeks, but something sparked my interest of possibly furthering my fishing tactics. I decided to invest in a canoe so that I could reach more water. I quickly fell in love with this style of fishing as I had the opportunity to fish a much broader variety of water, but I still focused on rivers and creeks. I started to catch bigger and bigger fish, partly due to fishing more often but more so because I slowly began to understand the science of fishing. I began to notice the correlation of pressure, clouds, water temperature, flow, and time of day. I really enjoyed fishing out of my canoe and tried to get on the water every chance that I could.

As I reached the latter part of high school I began interested in kayaks, particularly Jackson Kayaks. I research a lot of things before I buy them, and from what I researched, Jackson Kayak was the best. I ended up having the privilege of fishing with Jackson Kayak, and to this day I am proud to say that I am very fortunate to be able to fish out of such a professionally designed and versatile kayak. Since I got my Jackson Kayak Big Tuna I have traveled all over Texas to fish some of the best rivers. Some of these include the San Saba River, South Llano River, Brazos River, and Devils River to name a few. I have caught more fish than I could have ever imagined with quite a few monsters in the mix. I have caught many different species of fish and hope to continue on my journey of fishing each day so that I will catch more species and even bigger fish.

Although the fish really make a big part of fishing, quite possibly the number one reason I enjoy kayak fishing so much is the time I get to spend with family and friends, the places I get to go to, and just the adventure of going somewhere you have never been before. I explore the rustic and pristine waters of Texas, with primarily rivers and creeks as my main destination. I find so much excitement from rivers that it is almost hard to explain. The sound of flowing water, the scene of rocks sticking out of the water with Texas hills and cliffs in the background, and the fish that I get to catch; all of this contributes to my passion. Rivers are really the only types of water I try to fish as you will rarely see me fishing a lake. There just seems to be much more contrast on rivers and change of scenery with each stroke of your paddle. Even though I have fished many rivers in Texas, there are many more to fish and each year I seem to add a new one to the list.

Of course the fish play a big role in my passion for fishing. Some of my favorite fish to catch are Guadalupe Bass, the state fish of Texas, the Rio Grande Perch, Largemouth Bass, and Spotted Bass. All of these fish really have one common theme - they fight hard and are aggressive. I have no disrespect for people who fish for catfish, but there just isn't much excitement there for me. I also like to fish for Smallmouth Bass on the Devils River when I am down there. Green Sunfish have also become one of my favorites as the years have gone by. Although called a Green Sunfish, me and my dad more commonly refer to them as 'Church Fish', as the first time we caught one was on a small creek behind a church. I like them because of their gigantic mouth for their size and their very strong fighting power - not to mention they have a pretty neat color pattern.

Now, I am proud to fish for Jackson Kayak, MTI Adventurewear, Bending Branches, Klean Kanteen, Orca Coolers, and Coast Portland - my most important supporters of equipment and gear. I can never thank these two companies for giving me a chance at having the best equipment on the water. I also am very honored to paddle withand utilize GoPro action cameras. I have no doubt progressed quite a bit since I began fishing, but the same passion that got me started is what keeps me going today. Many people seem to overlook the simple pleasures of life only to turn to their smartphones, televisions, or some other sort of electronic device. Who would have ever thought that a cell phone would addict so many people. For me, fishing is my 'cell phone' as I am always wanting to be on the water casting a line into the crystal clear waters of the Devils River or some other Texas river.

I hope that my journeys not only give you entertainment, but more importantly inspire you to spend some time fishing in some of the great rivers Texas has to offer and help you in your fishing tactics. I am very fortunate that God has given me so many opportunities to fish some amazing places, and plan on fishing some more of his incredible creation in the future.

No matter if you are just beginning to fish, are a wade fisherman, kayak fisherman, canoe fisherman, or thinking about fishing, try out some new water every once and a while, set some goals, and never stop pursuing your passion till the day you die. If you do this, the worst that could happen is that you die happy.