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Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


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Takin It Easy With Pup

Clint Taylor

Getting out on the water is always a nice time, especially when you get to take your dog with you. Luckily me and my family's dog Pup were able to spend a little time together in my Jackson Kayak Big Tuna.

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Which One? - Lipless vs. Square Bill Crank Baits

Clint Taylor

Crank baits are some extremely dangerous lures for catching bass. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colorations and certainly can catch some fish. For this head to head match up of "Which One?" we will focus on the lipless crank bait versus the square bill crank bait.

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TKFTV Episode 6 - Storm Surge

Clint Taylor

The month of May 2015 was a rough one for the state of Texas, and much of the southwest. With multiple rivers flooding, severe weather, and a truly unpredictable weather pattern, doing any fishing was very difficult.

Although I didn't catch any big ones, this trip to the Brazos River near Lake Possum Kingdom was a long awaited one. I do not know how many weekends I waited for an opening to go do some fishing. Luckily, I was able to take out my Jackson Kayak Big Tuna and catch a few fish.


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The Devils River - A Hidden Oasis

Clint Taylor

In general, most people will not recognize Texas as a state with crystal clear pristine water and cool running trout streams. While for the most part this is correct, these people also couldn't be more wrong. This is my trip of the Devils River, and boy was it a good one!

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