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Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


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Fishing the Llano River Near Mason, Texas (Ranch Road 2389)

Clint Taylor

One of my favorite rivers to fish is the Llano River. I have paddled and fished several different sections, with my primary destination being the South Llano River near Junction, Texas. For this trip, I decided to try out a new location where the James River and Llano River become one.

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My Top Five Bass Lures

Clint Taylor

Fishing for Largemouth Bass can be extremely fun and entertaining. Picking what lures to use can be frustrating though due to the vast amount of choices to select from. I have narrowed down five of my favorite bass lures to help you save some time and catch some big bass.

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A Throwback to Fishing - Colorado River Fishing

Clint Taylor

Sometimes during fishing we try to get a little too sophisticated with our tactics. This is why I find this article so amusing. Not until a year or so ago did I seriously start to understand the tactics of fishing for bass. I used to just put on a favorite lure no matter the circumstances and expect to have a few bites. However nice this might seem, this is not the case, as fish can be quite finicky due to their surroundings.


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