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Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


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A Trip to the South Llano River - Post Flood Condition

Clint Taylor

The South Llano River is an amazing place. Unfortunately, it took quite a hit from flooding in August of 2018. It still isn’t fully back to normal, but it seems to be recovering quickly. It certainly was nice to see the river getting back to normal and being able to get out on it’s pristine water.

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Pau Hana Endurance on the Devils River

Clint Taylor

There are many different rivers in the state of Texas that I enjoy fishing, but one river has consistently set itself apart from the others – the Devils River. There are some aspects that I really like when fishing a river. I like clean and clear water. I like hills and cliffs around me. I like vegetation in the water...but no too much. I like rock bottom rivers. Lastly, I like rivers that can produce a lot of fish. The Devils River encompasses all of these aspects as it is spring fed and therefor very clear, has lots of large cliffs and hills surrounding the water, and there is an abundant amount of fish to catch. Although I have gone to the Devils River quite a few times, what made this trip unique was what I used to travel across the water – my Pau Hana Endurance.

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Pau Hana on the South Llano River

Clint Taylor

The South Llano River is quickly becoming my top river to fish in Texas. Throw in a Pau Hana Endurance paddleboard to fish off of, and you are set for quite a good time.

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