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Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


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Top 3 Moments of 2016

Clint Taylor

With college being quite time consuming this year I wasn't able to get out on the water anywhere near as much as I would have liked to. However, I still had some great memories and look forward to each day I get to spend kayaking and kayak fishing.

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Devils River - The Passion of Fishing

Clint Taylor

Every time I have gone to the Devils River in Southwest Texas I am amazed. The scenery is really something that I enjoy, as the rugged hills and cliffs with hardly any trees at all make an extreme contrast to the Devils River. This is why I love fishing the Devils River so much, it is just a extremely unique and enjoyable place to visit.

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A Unique Fish for a Unique Place

Clint Taylor

For quite some time now I have been trying to catch a fish called the Rio Grande Cichlid. This fish is quite small, as the state record weight is 2.02 lbs. However, they are quite a feisty and aggressive fish, which makes them a blast to least that is what I hear. They are very interesting looking fish, as they resemble a Guinea Hen, from which their name is originated. Although the Rio Grande Cichlid is small, it has quite a relative in the Peacock Bass of South America. That's right, this small fish is related to one of the greatest freshwater fish of all time. Fortunately, you do not have to go to Brazil to catch them though. 

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