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Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


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The River of the Arms of God

Clint Taylor

There are a few rivers that seem to have all the right qualities though; just the perfect amount of scenery in conjunction with great fishing that forms an ideal location to spend the day on your kayak. Such a river is the Brazos River that flows through the Palo Pinto Mountains in Texas.

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My Most Important Equipment - The Big Three

Clint Taylor

My equipment is crucial to my success and safety out on the water. Fortunately, I am able to use what I call "The Big Three" - Jackson Kayak Big Tuna, MTI Adventurewear Dio F-Spec, Aquabound Manta Ray Aluminum.

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Affordable, Efficient, Powerful... Aquabound Paddlesports Manta Ray Aluminium

Clint Taylor

For kayakers and kayak fishermen alike, a paddle is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. A good paddle allows you to effieciently propel yourself through the water with ease and also allow for comfort while paddling. Although there are many paddles to choose from on the market, Aqua-Bound Paddlesports has a wide range of paddles to fit any field of water sport, whether it be recreation, whitewater, or angling. For myself, I need a rather inexpensive, rugged, powerful, durable, and long paddle for kayak fishing. I researched for quite a while before I found the Manta Ray Paddle from Aqua-Bound Paddlesports.

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