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Pelican 1450 Case Review

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Pelican 1450 Case Review

Clint Taylor

When I write some of the articles that you see on, you might not think what goes into them. Some of them are pretty quick and sweet, but others are more in depth and have a lot of photography included. Photography gear is important to me, because I strive to always let photos speak through my articles. How do I keep my gear safe though?

The Pelican 1450 Case

I used to use a soft camera bag with a big waterproof plastic bag that went on the outside. This worked and was cheap; however, it was kind of messy and not always easy to seal the bag. After some research, I decided to invest in a hard waterproof case - particularily the Pelican 1450. 

The Pelican 1450 is great for keeping my camera gear safe on my Pau Hana Endurance

Pelican is pretty renown in the case department. I have had some previous Pelican products and have always been impressed with the durability. After purchasing the 1450 in desert tan, I immediately noticed this case was no exception to the Pelican ruggedness and durability. 

Here are some of the dimensions of the 1450:

Exterior Dimensions (L x W x D): 16.44" x 13.00" x 6.82"

Interior Dimensions (L x W x D): 14.66" x 10.24" x 6.12"

Interior Volume (cubic feet): 0.53

Empty Weight (Pounds): 5.51

Buoyancy (Pounds): 30.00

Minimum Temperature (F): -40 Degrees

Maximum Temperature (F): 210 Degrees

On top of all this, the 1450 is watertight with a built in purge valve for pressure changes, such as on an airplane. The 1450 is really a case that is designed to protect whatever you have inside no matter what conditions it is thrown into. 

The 1450 has some pick and pluck foam, which although I was skeptical at first, it works great. You really do just pick out the foam you need to fit something such as a camera in the case. The pick and pluck feature allows you to design a custom case. Don't worry, if you happen to mess up, you can always purchase some new foam. 

I've had this case for several months now and it works great for storing all of my camera gear (or most of it at least). For perspective, I can fit a DSLR body, wide angle lens, zoom lens, standard lens, charger, and SD cards with plenty of extra space. 

I feel very confident having this with me on my kayak or paddleboard whether water should get on it or I should happen to drop the case. The handle is extremely rugged and comfortable and the hatches are built with a super rugged design to last, but most importantly seal what you have inside the 1450. 

Although I use this case for camera gear, you can use it for whatever you wish. I do think it serves best for some sort of electronics, as it is designed to provide cushion from shock and is watertight. You can however use it for whatever you like. 

I haven't done any torture testing on my 1450; however, it has withstood the normal abuse my gear takes when I go kayak fishing. It has been exposed to water, some mild impacts, and just an overall experience to the elements. I have seen zero flaws or any damage develop on my 1450 and this is simply the type of durability that Pelican puts into their products.

If you are needing a waterproof, drop proof, dust proof case for some electronics, such as camera equipment, I would highly recommend the Pelican 1450. Out of all the gear I have, the 1450 might be the most rugged piece of equipment that I have zero worry about it failing. Although you might have to spend a little bit of money to buy the case, this money is great insurance at keeping much more valuable equipment protected and safe.