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Coast Portland PX1R Review

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Coast Portland PX1R Review

Clint Taylor

Flashlights are something that really anyone can utilize. I use them for fishing a lot, but I actually utilize flashlights more for reasons outside of fishing, such as power outages, going outside at night, going for a walk, camping, etc. Having a good flashlight can make all the difference in both enjoyment, but also safety. This is why I believe the Coast Portland PX1R is a great flashlight for anyone to own. 


To start off this review, let's go ahead and take a look at the specifications of the PX1R:

High Output: 460 Lumens
Low Output: 50 Lumens
Runtime (High): 3.5 Hours
Runtime (Low): 14 Hours
Length: 4.9 In
Weight: 4.9 Oz

As you can see, the PX1R has both great power output, but also exceptional runtime capabilities. There are some features that are not represented in the specifications above that really make the PX1R shine. 

Dual Power Capability

Versatility can make all the difference in what I purchase. My thoughts are the more versatile something is, the better suited it is for real world situations (as long as it is actually a quality product and not just packing as many features as possible into something worthless). The PX1R takes this concept into consideration, as it can run off of included AAA batteries, or the included rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. 

This is a great feature that you won't find from many companies, especially including all the different batteries and chargers. Coast really does a good job in packaging and product accessories, as they include wall and car chargers for your flashlights. 

The dual power capability lets you recharge when possible to save on the cost of batteries, but in the case you can't recharge or need batteries quickly, you can simply throw in the AAA batteries. This is one of my favorite features of the PX1R. 

Focusing System

Many lights with focusing systems are not very good at focusing, and those without them are limited in capability. The PX1R has a great focusing system that allows you to have both a flood beam and a "bulls-eye" beam for a wide variety of situations. 

One thing to mention is that the actual beam itself is very defined with no dark spots at all within the lighting region. I am not sure how Coast does this, but they are probably the best at making such a defined beam in my opinion. 

The focusing system on the PX1R really gives such an advantage over competitors. It adds a lot of versatility as well. 

Coast PX1R with a flood beam three feet from a fence in high mode (460 Lumens)

Coast PX1R with a flood beam three feet from a fence in low mode (50 Lumens)

Coast PX1R with a bulls-eye spot beam three feet from a fence in high mode (460 Lumens)

Coast PX1R with a bulls-eye spot beam three feet from a fence in low mode (50 Lumens)

Lighting Performance and Operation

The beam on this light is very bright and variable with both a 460 lumen high output and 50 lumen low output. 460 lumens is quite a bit in such a tiny package and will probably be all you need for most situations. 50 lumens is also great to have because there is such a thing as too much light in a situation, and the 50 lumens gives you both a lower output but also a longer runtime. 

I really don't have any complaints with the lighting performance as I am very satisfied. 

Operation of the PX1R is extremely simple. All you have to do to turn the light on is press it once. This will automatically start you in the high mode. To switch to the low mode, you need to press the button two times fast. You can continue to press the button over and over again as it will keep switching from high to low mode. You can also depress the button slightly to have it momentarily on and then turn off after releasing the button. 

Uses for the PX1R

The uses for the PX1R are pretty unlimited in my opinion. This would make a great emergency flashlight, backpack flashlight, center console of car flashlight, fishing flashlight, or even a tactical flashlight. 

Something I really like about the PX1R is the location of the power button. It is located in a great spot for holding this light in a tactical position. This light would be quite blinding to someone if you had to use it in a defensive manner. The size of the PX1R in combination with the location of the power button make it a great option for self defense. 

Another great use for the PX1R is simply a house flashlight in case something happens. It is always good to have a flashlight handy for a wide variety of situations, and the PX1R is small enough yet powerful enough not to take up too much space in your house. 

Final Thoughts

The Coast PX1R has a lot to offer and makes for a great flashlight in a compact package. I would highly suggest the PX1R for a good versatile flashlight. However, it is not waterproof and should be used with caution around water. This light does not have a Polysteel coating from Coast either, so impact resistance will not be great. 

All this said, the PX1R is a great flashlight if you are not needing a super rugged light. The PX1R will withstand some abuse, but that is not the intent of this light in my opinion. Where the PX1R shines is in its high lumen output, good runtime, focusing system, and dual power capabilities. 

To learn more about the PX1R or to purchase the PX1R, please click here