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My Two Most Important Lights - Coast Polysteel 600R and FL75R

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


My Two Most Important Lights - Coast Polysteel 600R and FL75R

Clint Taylor

Having good lighting can make a huge difference when the sun goes down. There are two essential types of lights that I believe every kayak fisherman should have, as well as anyone who wants to be prepared for low light situations. These two lights are a quality flashlight and headlamp. 

Coast Polysteel 600R

A good flashlight is a must. It allows you to see clearly in areas of darkness. If you have ever been in a situation where you wish you would have had extra lighting, the Polysteel 600R from Coast would have been a great option. What makes the Polysteel 600R such a valuable piece of equipment? The name says a lot, as Polysteel is Coast's unique protection system for this flashlight. Waterproof, drop proof, and dust proof are all a part of this flashlights unique advantages. The Polysteel 600R is waterproof up to 3 meters for 1 hour, can withstand a drop from 3 meters, and is crush proof due to a fiberglass reinforced polymer that is coating the steel core of the flashlight. Another valuable aspect to the Polysteel 600R is the twist focus system which allows you to see both close and far. I have been incredibly impressed with the fousing system on the Polysteel 600R, as when you are in a "flood" mode, the light output is very clearly defined with no dark spots, and when in a "spot" mode, the light shines quite a distance. Another feature that sets the Polysteel 600R apart from flashlights is the dual power capability. The 600R comes with both a canister for housing 4 X AA batteries or a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. This offers a large advantage and benefit to a user, as it allows you to recharge your battery instead of purchase new ones, and in the case you don't have a way to recharge, you can simply use 4 x AA batteries. If you still aren't convinced on the Polysteel 600R, consider that it has a 530 lumen output that has a corresponding 5 hour 45 minute runtime. The Polysteel 600R has three modes, meaning a high, medium, and low output that translate to 530, 155, and 42 lumens respectively. 

When considering an all around flashlight, the Coast Polysteel 600R is hard to beat. It is rugged and dependable, has plenty of lumen output, and gives a user options for power source. I highly recommend the Polysteel 600R for whatever your need may be. I always keep one in my car and it has come in handy quite a few times. 

Coast FL75R

Although a good flashlight can serve a lot of purposes, there are times when you want or need your hands to be free. This is where a headlamp comes into play. The Coast FL75R is an excellent option for a headlamp. The FL75R has both a white LED and two red LEDs. The white light is the main beam, but if you need a low output light that is easy on your eyes at night, the two red LEDs work great. I use the red LEDs for times when I need to read something or look at something very close to me and want to maintain my eye's "nightvision". The main beam has three modes of operation. High - 530 lumens, medium - 260 lumens, and low - 65 lumens. On the high mode, it has a runtime of 2 hours 15 minutes. A reflective strap helps others to see you just as much as the FL75R allows you to see them. As with the Polysteel 600R, the FL75R also gives a user the option of having dual power, meaning you can use 3 x AAA or the included lithium ion battery pack. 

The FL75R has a lot to offer and can be a piece of equipment you are very thankful to have. Whether you are getting out on the water early, your car broke down at night, you are going for a night time walk, hiking, or whatever it may be, the Coast FL75R is an unbelievable headlamp with the performance to prove it. 

Final Thoughts

The Coast FL75R and Polysteel 600R are two incredible lights with lots to offer a user. I would highly recommend both products to you if you are looking for a flashlight and or headlamp. If you are interested in learning even more about either of these lights, please click here to go to Coast's website.