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Texas Kayak Fisher Partners with Pau Hana Surf Company

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Texas Kayak Fisher Partners with Pau Hana Surf Company

Clint Taylor

I have always tried to get the best gear I possibly can, and when I decided to get into paddle boarding, this wasn't going to be an exception. I have researched several different companies and came to Pau Hana. I am extremely proud, excited, and privileged to announce a partnership with Texas Kayak Fisher and Pau Hana. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to paddle world class boards in the great state of Texas.

Clint Taylor Pau Hana Endurance

Pau Hana is a company that originated in Hawaii, and is currently based out of California. Pau Hana, which means "time after work", is an ideal name for paddle boarding in my opinion, as it is a great activity to do after a long day at the job. I will be utilizing the Pau Hana Endurance for the time being. The Endurance encompasses Pau Hana's ricochet technology, which is a technology that allows the board to maintain a lightweight design, while offering much more durability in comparison to traditional fiberglass boards. At only 31.5 lbs for a 12' board, the Endurance is very light and can easily be transported to and from the water, while at the same time still maintaining excellent durability.

I will be using the Endurance for both recreational use and fishing as well. I can't wait to catch some big bass out on the water with Pau Hana and the Endurance, so keep your eyes out for some future articles involving Pau Hana and the Endurance!