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Never Doubt MTI Adventurewear - Never Doubt the UnderDog

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Never Doubt MTI Adventurewear - Never Doubt the UnderDog

Clint Taylor

I really enjoy fishing a lot, especially fishing from my Jackson Kayak Big Tuna. Sometimes it is enjoyable to just go out for a while and paddle around. It is even more enjoyable to do this when you have hours upon hours of homework to complete every week and not much time to actually fish. This weekend I was able to hit the water of a small creek with my canine companion Pup.

For quite a while now I have been using the MTI Adventurewear Dio F-Spec life jacket. It is beyond superb and extremely well designed. Pup has also been using a MTI life jacket, except his is called the UnderDog. Simply said it is a life jacket for dogs. It is a pretty simple design with most of the flotation laying below the torso of the dog and some other flotation supporting the bottom of the neck. The UnderDog is attached by a large Velcro strap along with a few snaps. Within seconds your dog is ready to hit the water and be safe as well. If your dog happens to fall overboard, a handle on the top of the life jacket allows for easy recovery of your dog. 

Some people might be wondering, why would a dog need a life jacket. This is very easy to doubt, but the main reason is for what could happen. Paddling rivers, I am always around a lot of moving water, which can be quite strong at times and even extremely dangerous when considering small waterfalls and rapids. I know my dog can swim quite well, but if he was to fall into the rapids, he would have a much better chance of escaping injury with the aid of some flotation, just like humans. I will be the first to say that I have only truly needed the flotation aid of my life jacket a few times, and most likely all of these situations I would have probably been fine without one. When you consider the possibility of hitting your head from flipping out of a kayak in rapids to getting stuck in strong currents, it is always best to have the favor on your side. The UnderDog does just this for dogs.

Now that my dog Pup has gotten used to his own PFD, he hardly even notices he has it one. In fact, when I am getting my gear together to go paddling or fishing, Pup gets extremely excited just when he sees his life jacket because he knows he is going to have a fun filled day of excitement. I even think that the UnderDog looks pretty cool on Pup and suits him well. Make sure to check out the UnderDog for your dog at, or your local dealer.