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Jackson Kayak Coosa HD, Kraken and Cuda LT

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Jackson Kayak Coosa HD, Kraken and Cuda LT

Clint Taylor

As always, Jackson Kayak continuously strives to make innovative and performance based kayaks. Recently, Jackson Kayak has announced the arrival of three new fishing kayaks, the Coosa HD, Kraken and Cuda LT. So what are all of these kayaks, what are their specifications, and what are they exactly designed for? Well, I got all that information and some good pictures just to answer all of your questions.

Coosa HD

The Coosa HD isn't necessarily a new kayak, but more so an improvement on a previous kayak. The Coosa was for the most part the first "fishing" kayak to enter the line of Jackson Kayak. The Coosa HD has a lot of improvements to help you out on the water though. Here are the new specs of the Coosa HD below:

Length: 11' 8"

Width: 33.5"

Weight: Approximately 69-71 lb. without a seat

As you can see, the new Coosa HD is both wider and longer to handle a wider variety of water. Yes, the Coosa HD still has all of the great river handling capabilities, but increased length to help with tracking a little and increased width for added stability and payload capacity.

Rod tip tube holders similar to those on the Big Rig have also been added in order to keep your rods protected in areas with dense brush, timber and other obtruding structure. A new seat, as with all of the new kayaks has been produced as well. The main difference is primarily ergonomics. You still have the same Hi-Lo seating capability, just with increased comfort. You will notice a lumbar support pad that has been added along with some sleeker lines and curves as well. The center hatch that contains the dry hatch has also changed. It is no longer molded as part of the kayak, but more so an attachment that can be taken off if desired. Padded flooring has also been added for increase comfort and traction if you like to go barefoot. This will be great when you’re jumping in and out of the water to have a nice padded platform to stand on.

YakAttack Gear Tracs are also some of the new improvements. This is great for many of the RAM rod holders and accessories. The best part is that you can slide your rod holder or fish finder wherever you want on the rail instead of having it on a set position. 

For the most part, that is the majority of the new improvements to look for on the Coosa HD.

Cuda LT

The Cuda LT is a brother of the Cuda 12 that is currently on the market. It is lighter, faster, and more stable. Here are the specifications of the Cuda LT:

Length: 12'8"

Width: 32.5"

Weight: Approximately 52-53 lb. without a seat

This boat is made entirely different from many of the Jackson Kayaks, as the Cuda LT is Thermoformed. You lose a little durability, but you are about 15 lbs. lighter than the Cuda 12...and this is a larger kayak. This kayak ought to be great for smaller paddlers, or weaker paddlers who still want a very responsive and agile kayak.

The Cuda LT is a unique design and should be able to target some of paddlers out there who want a lighter kayak.


The Kraken is somewhat of a specialty kayak, as it does what it is designed for really well, but is not the best kayak for doing rivers on day, rapids the next, and fishing a lake to finish it all off. However, if you are a saltwater or offshore kayak fisher, the Kraken is just the ticket. Here are the specs:

Length: 15'6"

Width: 29.5"

Weight: 76-80 lb. without a seat

As you can see, the Kraken is a long and narrow kayak designed for the open water, such as lakes, large rivers, and oceans. By no means is the Kraken designed for tight maneuvering, but more so going from point A to point B at a fast and efficient rate. It is a great kayak for paddling, so you will be able to paddle much more smoothly and faster than something like the Coosa.

The Kraken has the new seat design, just like the Coosa HD and Cuda Lt, but also some additional features such as the JKrate and some tackle boxes included in the purchase. For those of you who travel and fish the open waters, you couldn't ask for more than the Jackson Kayak Kraken