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Llano River

Texas Kayak Fisher Blog


Llano River

Clint Taylor

In the center of Llano, Texas lies a river that is extremely clear and fed by various springs. The Llano River is one of the most iconic rivers in Texas, with a multitude of fish including our own state fish, the Guadalupe Bass, and many other native Texas fish, such as the Rio Grande Perch.

Much of the Llano runs through open country, with ranches being the main border of the river. One of the great things about the Llano River in Llano, Texas is the capability to catch some Guadalupe Bass. Guadalupe Bass, although not very big, are one of my favorite fish to catch. Since they live in the currents of rivers like trout, they develop very strong muscles and become very feisty. Although I did not plan on doing much fishing this day, I had my pole in the car and decided to do some good ole wade fishing.

I found myself quite a surprise, as I literally caught more than twelve fish in one spot, in no more than thirty minutes.  Most of the fish that I caught, in fact all except one, were Guadalupe Bass. None of the Bass that I caught were monsters, but for their species, they were rather decent at about three quarters to one pound in weight. The area I was fishing was moving water, as can be seen above, with a large pool of water below the rapids. I used a 1/8 oz. Worden's Rooster Tail in an all-white coloration the entire time I spent fishing. To me, the Rooster Tail could not be a better lure choice, as shallow moving water is the perfect time to through a Guadalupe Bass a Rooster Tail.

If you ever drive through Llano, Texas and have a little time to fish, I would definitely recommend going. You may not catch the giant of all times, but you certainly will be in for a good time of fishing.