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Brazos River

The Brazos River is one of the largest that runs through Texas, supplying multiple lakes with water. Running through the Palo Pinto Mountains of Texas is one of the most pristine sections though with a large range of fish to catch as well.


Location, Accessibility, and Landscape

Approximate Paddling Trail Length: 21,598 ft. (4.09 miles)

Brazos River Highway 16 Paddling Trail Map (.kmz)

The Brazos River is the 11th longest in the United States, starting in New Mexico as it runs through Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. There are multiple locations to put in at and take out at on the Brazos River, but one in particular that I like to visit is off of Texas 16. There is room for a couple cars to park off the side of the road on a rough concrete pad, with an old boat ramp that leads to the river banks.

You are approximately a mile from the spillway of Lake Possum Kingdom, so there is some room to go upstream, although I would suggest going downstream and then coming back. If you are not in very good shape you might need to use a cart to get your kayak down to the water or possibly try driving down the boat ramp, although it is pretty steep so be cautious.

The landscape is quite beautiful as you are located in the Palo Pinto Mountains with rather clear water. There is a lot of rock, a good amount of sand and a significant amount of trees. There isn’t much vegetation on this section of the Brazos, just a lot of rock and timber in the water. All in all it is a very scenic river and worth traveling to, just try to make it there early as the sun can really beat down on you.

type of water, quality, and features

The water in Lake Possum Kingdom is considered to be rather clear, so in general the water of the Brazos River below Lake Possum Kingdom is also pretty clear. It isn’t Devils River clear, but it is good clarity for fishing. You will find a lot of rock and sand with some fallen timber in the water. Rocks are the main type of structure you will find though, as the large cliffs often drop some boulders into the water creating another bass hot spot.

Shallow water is pretty common on this section of the Brazos, so be prepared to portage and walk your kayaks through some obstacles, but nothing serious.

Clint Taylor with a massive unofficial record Largemouth Bass for the entire Brazos River - a twelve pound Largemouth Bass

Fishing tactics and tips

There are a lot of bass to catch in this area of the Brazos, and I have personally caught quite a few big bass. Big crank baits work very well as the morning slowly progresses. Be sure to try out some topwater early in the morning though, as it is always a good tactic to get some bites. A Rage Tail Space Monkey works pretty good when the sun comes out. Try a Texas Rig with a light weight if possible, but also experiment with some weightless tactics.

Braided line seems to be the ticket for me, as it provides a lot of options in durability and strength. Spinning rods can be beneficial, but there is really not any severe structure to tempt you to use a baitcasting or spinning. I suggest using a baitcasting as much as possible though, as you are liable to catch some big fish which will require some beefy outfits.

Nice four pound Largemouth Bass caught on the Brazos River

Things to Watch out For

The heat is the primary concern for the Brazos River, as temperatures can easily go over 100, but the wind can also be terrible. If the weather is windy it might be a good idea to try the Brazos River another day…the wind can be brutal. There are some wild animals that you can see every once in a while, but be cautious of rattlesnakes and scorpions. Besides this, there is not much to be worried about. Just make sure to stay hydrated and put on sun screen. I will mention that the Brazos River is by far the most populated river that I fish, meaning I see the most people on the Brazos River. It seems like a lot of people from the DFW come here for a weekend escape from the city. A lot of people also take canoe trips downstream. Try to get to the Brazos River early and you will be much better off.

Articles Featuring the Brazos River

I have links to several articles I have published on the Brazos River below. If you are wanting to learn more about the Brazos River or would like to read more on some fishing techniques for the Brazos River I would suggest taking a look at some of the articles below.

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Some of the extraordinary scenery that you will find on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake.

Some of the extraordinary scenery that you will find on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake.

Beautiful Spotted Bass caught on the Brazos River

Beautiful Spotted Bass caught on the Brazos River

Rainbow Trout caught on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake.

Rainbow Trout caught on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake.

Palo Pinto Mountain Range on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake

Palo Pinto Mountain Range on the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake

Brazos River Bass