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Pecan Bayou

Pecan Bayou

Location, Accessibility, and Landscape


The Pecan Bayou is by no means some exotic river or even a place to go for a swim during the heat of summer. However, the Pecan Bayou is an overwhelmingly looked over body of water that holds some great fish. Located on the border of Brownwood, Texas and Early, Texas, the Pecan Bayou runs through Lake Brownwood in a series of long pools contained by flood dams. The particular area I like to stick in at is called Riverside Park and is located in Brownwood, Texas right on the Pecan Bayou. It is plenty accessible and is a very nice park for just wanting to stick in on the bayou. Parking is plentiful and there is also a boat ramp which I like to use to get down to the water as easy as possible. Although there is easier places to put in at, putting in at Riverside Park is very easy.

As far as the landscape goes, the name says it all. The Pecan Bayou isn't just named the Pecan Bayou for some random reason, rather there are hundreds of Pecan trees on all around the bayou, which use the bayou as a watershed. It is actually quite beautiful and nowhere near what you would think for being in a part of Texas with hardly any springs or rain.

Type of Water, Quality, and Features

Water on the Pecan Bayou is always at a descent temperature, hardly ever not just slightly cool. The water quality isn't great, but it ranges anywhere from 1-4 feet depending on the season and amount of recent rainfall. One great thing about this section of the Pecan Bayou is that there is no need to have a separate take out from the put in, as the put in will work great for the take out too. Hardly ever is there any flow on the Pecan Bayou due to this region of Texas suffering from drought, so the only aspect you will have to battle is wind, which at times can be brutal. You will need to notice that there is both a flood control dam downstream and upstream. The one downstream is much closer than the one upstream, but don't be skeptical, there is tons of water to fish with a lot of wooden structure. Believe it or not, one of the best features of the Pecan Bayou is the barrier between the water an air. Topwater lures thrive on the Pecan Bayou. There is also a ton of logs and such both submerged and exposed from the weaker Pecan trees that have fallen into the bayou.

Fishing Tactics and Tips

The Pecan Bayou has a large population of Largemouth Bass and Sunfish as the main target species, but there is also many gar and catfish, but I hardly ever target these. As I said earlier, do not go to the Pecan Bayou without some topwater lures. I like lures such as the Heddon Zara Spool, Strike King Sexy Frog, and even a Rebel Pop-R. I have fished topwater on the Pecan Bayou through all hours, but by far I get the best success by casting as close to the bank as I can in areas of shade. This is where the Strike King Sexy Frog can be beneficial, as it is weedless. 

I have caught fish on all types of lures on the Pecan Bayou besides topwater lures, with some of my favorites being a lipless crankbait, Texas Rig, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and smaller lures such as Rooster Tails and small tube jigs for both the ability to catch bass and panfish.

Things to Watch out For

There is not much to watch out for, but do be aware that in the rare occasion that the Pecan Bayou is flowing, the dam downstream from Riverside Park has about a 15-20 foot drop and would not be good to go down. Snakes are also very common on the Pecan Bayou, as are turtles, but neither will bug you if you leave them alone, and most of the  snakes are just water snakes (non-venomous).