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Jackson Kayaks

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna

The Jackson Kayak Big Tuna could easily be described as one of the most versatile fishing kayaks produced. For one, the Big Tuna can either be paddled solo, or tandem in a very comfortable manner. Below is the specifications of the Big Tuna.

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna Devils River

Length            14 ft. 1 in.

Width             35.5 in.

Height            13 in. at beam, 16 in. max

Weight           102 lbs. (87 without seats and tank)

Capacity         575 lbs.

As one can see, the Big Tuna has more than enough capacity and stability to handle larger paddlers, multiple paddlers, or a lot of gear. To start off with a general description of this remarkable kayak, let us first look at the seating of the Big Tuna. The Big Tuna has a very remarkable and state of the art seating design. The first of the many positions to sit is shown in the picture to the left, with a tandem setup. As with all of the Jackson Fishing Kayaks, the remarkable Elite HiLo seating is standard. This tandem setup is very good for two paddlers, or even two fisherman.

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna

With a very simple reversal of the front seat, facetime seating can be achieved. This allows for two people to face each other and carry on conversations and not have to turn backwards to talk. The facetime seating can be very useful for many ways. One is for when you want to converse with your fellow paddler. If you have kids, this seating can be very useful in providing help to the child. What some seem to overlook about this seating configuration, is the great position to cast. In the standard tandem seating configuration, back casting can be a distraction, or even a possible hazard to the person behind you. With facetime seating, there is no longer this worry. Besides facetime seating, solo seating seems to be very popular. With solo seating, the front seat is removed, and the back seat is positioned a whole seat forward. This allows for a better weight distribution, ease of paddling, and access to the boat for the solo paddler. Although the seating features of the Big Tuna are remarkable, there are many other remarkable features. One of these features would have to be the tuna tank. The tuna tank is the black oval compartment in the middle of the kayak. This compartment can really serve as three main titles.

The first is for a live bait well. The plastic drop in container that fits in this space comes shipped to you with no holes in it. The reason for this, is for the users application. If small minnows are being stored in the tuna tank, then the user will drill several small holes to aerate the water. If big shad, shrimp, and maybe big crabs are being used, then slightly larger holes will need to be drilled.

One of my favorite features about the Big Tuna is the option of going nearly wherever you want to. The Big Tuna has an amazingly low draft, but if you get in super shallow water the Big Tuna is a breeze to pull.

The capability of the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna to go solo is just one of the unique characteristics.

The capability of the Jackson Kayak Big Tuna to go solo is just one of the unique characteristics.

This tuna tank can also be used to store the catch of the day, but for this application, many large holes will need to be drilled. There are many options for the tuna tank, but one that happens to be overlooked is for divers. Many scuba divers, and or snorkelers use kayaks as their transportation and to store gear. I would have to say that the Big Tuna could be the best kayak ever made for diving and snorkeling. The tuna tank in this application could be used to collect small hermit crabs, shrimp, sea cucumbers, or for the freshwater diver, crawdads, turtles, and freshwater crabs. Any way you use the tuna tank, it excels extremely well.The tuna tank can also be used as a place for storage of a cooler. To do this, all you have to do is not drill any holes in the plastic compartment so no water will come in. Jackson Kayak also sells an attachment which is a cooler bag that specifically fits the tuna tank. The tuna tank and the seating of the Big Tuna is pretty much the iconic part of the boat, but there are still many other features such as multiple bungees along the side of the kayak for securing drinks, food, and tackle.

The Jackson Kayak Big Tuna is suited for a wide variety of waters, including my favorite river as seen above - the Devils River

The Jackson Kayak Big Tuna is suited for a wide variety of waters, including my favorite river as seen above - the Devils River

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna in GI Jackson at the South Llano River State Parl

There is flush mount rod holders along with a rod tip protector at the front of the kayak. There is plenty of storage on the Big Tuna, as a large rear hatch is provided for access to the inside of the boat, along with a small day hatch at the front of the boat for items like, cell phones, sun screen, and mosquito spray. If you decide you want a boat that excels in saltwater, freshwater, lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams, then the Big Tuna may be the right option. If more than one person is coming, lots of storage is needed, or just if the feel of great stability and strength is needed, the Big Tuna may once again be the perfect kayak for you. The reason why I decided to purchase the Big Tuna was quite simply it's versatility. Although kayaks such as the Cuda 12 are extremely versatile, they do not allow a tandem configuration, which in hand means you can only have a solo kayak. With the Big Tuna, you have an excellent solo kayak, and a tandem kayak all in one. For me it was hard to beat this versatility because I always am fishing with someone, but if you go fishing by yourself, the Big Tuna is probably not the kayak for you.