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GoPro Action Cameras

Capturing footage of my expeditions is not only important so that I can 'relive' the amazing places that I have been to, but also so that I can share them with other people. It is not very good to have the best gear in the world to only have bad quality footage to share with my viewers. With this said, I have searched for the best equipment that I can for filming. The GoPro Hero 4 Silver fits this ticket very well and it portrays the beauty of my adventures accurately.


Jackson Kayak Big Tuna Shot with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

At a price of under $400, purchasing the GoPro Hero 4 Silver is almost stealing. With the capability to shoot at 4K, 1080p 60 fps, 720p 120fps, and even an astonishing standard 30 Mb/s bit rate and a 45 Mb/s bit rate in protune mode, you can begin to see why. Not to mention that the Hero 4 Silver is the first GoPro ever to have an integrated screen on the back... a fully functional touch screen. The Hero 4 Silver also has the capability to allow the user to manually choose the shutter speed, with the high end shutter speed being 30 seconds. This allows a user to capture some amazing night time lapses. This is really where the GoPro Hero 4 Silver is most improved is in the area of low light. The Hero 4 Silver can shoot quite well at low light, especially for a $400 camera.

Low light isn't the only thing that the Hero 4 Silver excels in though. GoPro has stated that the new Hero 4 cameras are nearly twice as powerful as the older GoPro model. Although I am sure there will be an even better GoPro to come in the future, the Hero 4 Silver is incredible.

Why is it better than the Hero 4 Black? The answer is simple - versatility.


Although the Hero 4 Black Edition can shoot at higher fps for 4k and any other resolution for that matter, it is lacking one feature that can really benefit a user. To me the difference that makes the Hero 4 Silver the ultimate action camera is the touch screen on the back. Most action cameras are mounted and forgotten during the action, but to get some quality pans and film shots you need to see what you are shooting. Of course, if you are really serious you would probably not be using a GoPro, and if you were you would probably be using the Hero 4 Black Edition with an aftermarket monitor and such. This is true but it is also true that this costs a lot of money. At $400 the Hero 4 Silver Edition can be used to shoot a small film if a user would like to. Just place it into protune mode and you are set. You can even adjust the white balance, ISO, and color of the footage. Pretty impressive for such a small and relatively cheap camera. Some people have been worried about the touch screen, but so far I have yet to experience any flaws with the design. The screen is very responsive to a users input and is very easy to operate.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver with a floaty back door and a variety of back door options.

GoPro Hero 4 Session with the Hero 4 Session Floaty

Something else that I mentioned earlier that really sets the GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Black apart from other cameras is the bit rate. Bit rate can be a 'bit' confusing, but in general the higher the bit rate the better quality your footage will be. The tradeoff is storage space. The higher the bit rate, the more memory you will need. With the Hero 4 Silver, you can expect to get approximately 2 hours of filming with a 32 GB Micro SD card - with protune off, screen off, and wifi off. This is not a whole lot of filming time in general, but for most people this will do fine. With protune on, you go to 45 Mb/s in comparison to 30 Mb/s for the non-protune footage. 45 Mb/s is incredibly smooth and clear, but as I said it will take up even more space on your Micro SD. Many action cameras do not even come close to this high of a bit rate.

The Hero 4 Silver Edition also has some really cool shooting modes, such as burst, night photo, and night lapse. In burst mode, a series of photos is taken over a given interval (usually 1-2 seconds). The Hero 4 Silver can shoot up to 30 photos in 1 second for a burst. This is insane! If you need some good shots of something going fast, you might try your hand at the GoPro as no DSLR can shoot at this frame rate burst. Night Photo is also an incredible mode, as the GoPro helps you get setup to take some cool night pictures. You can always go full auto, or you can go as manual as a GoPro has ever allowed in history. If you want a night time lapse there is no need to worry, as the Hero 4 Silver has a time lapse mode dedicated to this. I have shot some of my own night lapsesand the Hero 4 has done a great job. I do suggest adjusting the settings yourself if you shoot at night time, but if you are in low light rather than night light, your GoPro usually does a pretty good job. 

All that said, the Hero 4 has much more features that can really help you create some incredible video. If you have yet to check out the Hero 4 Silver Edition, I highly suggest you do. Below is a short film that was shot with the Hero 4 Silver Edition - enjoy!