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Bending Branches Paddles

For kayakers and kayak fishermen alike, a paddle is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment. A good paddle allows you to efficiently propel yourself through the water with ease and also allow for comfort while paddling. Although there are many paddles to choose from on the market, Aqua-Bound Paddlesports has a wide range of paddles to fit any field of water sport, whether it be recreation, whitewater, or angling. For myself, I need a rather inexpensive, rugged, powerful, durable, and long paddle for kayak fishing. I researched for quite a while before I found the excellent paddles produced by Bending Branches. I have a very large kayak at a little more than 14' long and just short of a 36" beam. With such a large kayak, there is much more weight to propel through the water and much more width, which requires a long paddle. I personally use the Angler Ace in a 260 cm length as well as an Angler Pro in a 250 cm length. The Angler Ace is a great paddle for rugged waters. It has a fully carbon shaft which gives great responsiveness, but also allows the weight of the paddle to be 31 oz. The blades work really well in some of the rougher rivers you might find yourself venturing on, as they are composed of carbon reinforced nylon; this helps to have a stiff blade that can also take a beating from using it as a push rod. The 260 cm length really give a lot of torque, as well as the 95 sq. in. blade. You can read more about the Bending Branches Angler Ace here.

Clint Taylor with his Bending Branches Angler Ace in 260 cm along with his Jackson Kayak Big Tuna in GI Jackson.

Whenever I am in slightly less rugged waters, or more so deeper water where I won't be using my paddle as a push pole as much, you will most likely find me with my Angler Pro. The Angler Pro is a very prestigious paddle and is extremely lightweight, at only 30 oz. So why the Angler Pro in more open water? This is due to the blade design of the paddle. The blades are composed of multi-laminate fiberglass, which is extremely strong and stiff for powerful strokes, but not quite a forgiving when you need to use your paddle for pushing in shallow water. However, the Angler Pro does have a larger blade than the Angler Ace at 104 sq. in. instead of 95 sq. in. This is great for really getting some powerful strokes in the water. At 250 cm the Angler Pro is slightly shorter than my Angler Ace, but this is mainly for when I need to paddle solo as it fits my needs a little better.

Something that sets the Angler series paddles aside from everyone else is the actual fishing design that has gone into the fishing paddles from Bending Branches. The Angler Ace has a built in hook retrieval mechanism on one of the blades to help you retrieve any stuck lures. This really can help you save some money. Both the Angler Ace and the Angler Pro also have a built in tape measure on the paddle - in metric and English units. This makes it very easy to see how big of a fish you just caught.

No matter if you choose the Angler Ace or the Angler Pro from Bending Branches, you are bound to have one of the best paddles on the water. Go to for more on all of Bending Branches paddles and further information on paddling techniques, tips and journeys. Please go to my personal team page on Bending Branches by clicking here.

Clint Taylor with the Bending Branches Angler Pro in a 250 cm configuration.

Clint Taylor and the Bending Branches Angler Pro